Other Projects

Specialized Nonprofit Solution

The United Church of Christ’s Church Building and Loan Fund (CB&LF), a nonprofit church lender, sought AIM’s advice on how to reduce cost overruns that drain CB&LF's resources and those of the congregations that CB&LF serves.  AIM identified areas with highest likelihood of cost overruns and created a three-pronged strategy for CB&LF: 

  1. creating a comprehensive manual to educate potential borrowers about the development process, the roles and responsibilities of development professionals, and guidelines and best practices for the selection and supervision of the development team; 
  2. developing an "early warning" system that allows CB&LF to intervene and provide technical assistance to borrowers as soon as potential issues are identified during the development process; 
  3. designing a survey tool to create a database of proven and reliable development team members that have worked on past CB&LF projects and can be recommended to other congregations. 

AIM’s work includes ongoing consultation at CB&LF-sponsored national events to answer questions, improve borrower awareness and promote church development planning. (2013-2015, OH)

Capacity Building, Leadership Development & Strategic Planning

A land-rich but funding poor retreat center wanted to position itself to bring its historic legacy to the next generation of leaders by transforming into a model of faith-based rural economic development. AIM was brought it to help it analyze and improve its organizational structure, financial systems, governance procedures and programs.  AIM also supported staff and Board leadership as they created and implemented plans for all aspects of their work and developed organizational policies, procedures and controls. The organization is now well-positioned to take on pre-development activities, working in partnership with local, regional, and national partners.  (2013-2014, North Carolina)

Project Management

When one of our client organizations required emergency relocation, AIM was called in to conduct an analysis of their relocation options, negotiate a temporary space lease, and manage and coordinate the rehabilitation project from start to finish. Services included scheduling and tracking; supporting the preparation of financing applications, monthly requisitions and loan close-out documentation; and identifying and resolving redevelopment challenges.  The church was successfully relocated into a nearby fully rehabilitated and affordable space in under a year. (2014, Kentucky) 

Site Assessment and Pre-Development Support

AIM worked with a rural, faith-based retreat center to conduct a wide array of pre-development and planning activities to promote and implement economic development projects. The scope of work included a site assessment of the 240 acre property and its many historic and current buildings, rezoning for mixed use development, identifying and leveraging existing resources, designing mission-aligned sustainable projects, and project planning. (2015, North Carolina)