AIM's Service Offerings

Our Services are cost-effective and comprehensive. AIM's multifaceted team of professionals can provide services from project inception through completion on time and on budget.

Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all.
— Ban Ki-Moon
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Non-Profit/Faith-Based Organizations

AIM supports nonprofits by providing services focused on strengthening organizations and planning for the future. We also provide development services to support the role of nonprofit organizations as meaningful and substantive leaders and partners in mission-driven development projects.  Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • Fundraising & Marketing
  • Site Assessments, Project Structuring & Development Support
  • Project Management from Inception through Design, Construction & Completion


AIM's services are contextual and results driven.  In addition to providing baseline analyses and up-to-date reports, our specialty is providing options and recommendations that take into account a community's unique assets and resources.  Plan implementation is a critical component of our service model and whether your goal is to leverage funds, structure public-private partnerships, manage multiparty collaborations, or create workplans, we provide viable options that take into account social, political and economic realities.  Our services include:

  • Site, Neighborhood and Regional Assessments; Feasibility, and Market Analyses; and Special Projects
  • Planning Sessions, Workshops, Retreats and Focus Groups
  • Site Specific, Goal Oriented (Re)Development Strategies including  RFP & RFQ Preparation, Review & Recommendations
  • Project Management, Scheduling  & Tracking
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Private- Sector Landowners

Hiring AIM means bringing on board a team of experts with decades of experience and relationships that will save you time and money.  From assisting you with finance and feasibility analyses, government funding applications and approvals, or assisting with the selection of the appropriate architect, attorney, or lender for your project, AIM's team of experienced professionals will support you throughout the development process from concept to completion.  Our services include:

  • Project Management from inception through Design, Construction and Completion
  • Deal Structuring including the Identification of Federal, State, and Local Financing Sources
  • Development Pro Forma's and Projections
  • Public Relations Including Presentations & Marketing Support and Crisis Management